Software Release Information


MD2K software is released based on a monthly development and testing cycle. Typically, we allocate 3 1-week sprints for development activities followed by a single 1-week sprint dedicated towards testing.

  • Major X.0.0 software updates will occur approximately every year
  • Minor/Feature 1.X.0 updates will occur each month on the 3rd Wednesday
  • Critical bug fixes 1.2.X will be released immediately
Year Month Release Day
2016 September 2016/09/14 (Wed)
2016 October 2016/10/19 (Wed)
2016 November 2016/11/16 (Wed)
2016 December 2016/12/21 (Wed)
2017 January 2017/01/18 (Wed)
2017 February 2017/02/15 (Wed)
2017 March 2017/03/15 (Wed)
2017 April 2017/04/19 (Wed)
2017 May 2017/05/17 (Wed)

Feature Requests

All feature requests should be submitted prior to the scheduled release day of the prior month. For example, for a feature request to be considered for the September 2016 release, it should be submitted to the JIRA tracker before the August release day 2016/08/17. This will allow the software engineers sufficient time to plan and execute the upcoming activities.


mCerebrum instructions

mCerebrum is a suite of several Android applications that are combined with a set of configuration files. These instructions will guide you in downloading, installing, and configuring the mCerebrum software suite. All source code is available in the MD2K's GitHub organization.

  1. Download the latest version of mCerebrum (latest release ) and install the APK file on and Android 5.0+ device.
  2. mCerebrum will run and the Settings button will be highlighted in red, press it.
  3. A prompt will be shown asking you to enter a filename of a configuration file to download, enter default and press OK.
  4. Once a configuration file is successfully downloaded and installed, you will be prompted with an Admin password screen. The default password is 1234.
  5. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the main mCerebrum application. Please follow the instructions here for configuring the platform

List of mCerebrum Apps

Applications Download
AutoSense latest release
Microsoft Band latest release
Phone Sensor latest release
Stream Processor latest release
Mood Surfing latest release
Thought Shakeup latest release
Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) latest release
EMA Scheduler latest release
Notification Manager latest release
Data stream plotter latest release
DataKit latest release
mCerebrum (Study) latest release

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